Sycamore Scale

What is Sycamore Scale?

Sycamore Scale

Sycamore Scale is an insect pest that feeds on leaves and tender bark. This insect affects most species of Sycamore trees including the California Sycamore and London plane trees. If leaves are infested before they have reached full size, they can often become distorted and drop prematurely.

What are the symptoms?

The Sycamore scale is hard to see because they are only 1/16 inches long. One way to see if you have this pest on your tree is by turning the leaf over and seeing if there are yellow or orange scales in the center of yellow or whitish spots. Another indication of this insect is by waxy masses they secrete on the bark or leaves. When scale feeds on the leaves of the trees, you will see yellow or white spots on the leaf blade. If the twigs and branches on the tree develop a rough texture, scale may be feeding off of the tender bark of the tree.

Treatment Options:

Sycamore Scale is very hard to control. The best time to treat Sycamore trees for this insect is in early spring, right at bud break and most likely follow-up treatments will be necessary. Contact Us for more information.

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