PROTECT YOUR TREES with a revolutionary trunk injection method!

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How does Arborjet injections help you?

Your trees add tremendous value to your home. Trees are susceptible to a wide array of insects and diseases that could damage this value. We inject formulations directly into your tree and help retain your property value, all while limiting exposure to you, your family, and the environment.

How does Arborjet injection work?

1.) A small plug, called an Arborplug, is inserted into a drilled hole in the tree. A needle inserts through the Arborplug and formation is injected.

2.) A precise dose of formation is injected directly inside the transport system of the trees. Formations are quickly distributed through the trunk, branches, and leaf tissue.

3.) The Arborplug keeps the injected formation inside the tree, protects it, and stays inside the tree with no adverse reactions. The tree grows right over the Arborplug.

Before & After Picture

Red Oak tree in Harlan Ranch, Clovis

Before & After

* Note: Some trees may need multiple injections to see results, results may vary depending on health, disease and type of insect.

Why choose Arborjet trunk injection?

  • No chemicals in the air or soil
  • Effective results – See our Before & After Picture’s above!


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