Dormant Spray

Your fruit trees and many other trees can be treated with a very low-toxicity spray to help control insects and diseases. This spray has been around for ages because of its effectiveness and low impact on the environment. It is a combination of a good quality horticultural oil and copper fungicide. Dormant spray should be applied on blooming trees before the flower buds show color, or it will damage the blossoms.

Dormant SprayThe oil suffocates over-wintering insects, especially insect eggs. The copper fungicide kills over-wintering fungal and bacterial spores. This can stop many problems before they get a start, or at the very least slow them down significantly. Dormant spray applications are a relatively inexpensive way to ensure a good start to your season. If you would like an estimate on a dormant treatment for your trees, please give us a call (559) 251-7907.