Chlorosis, yellowing of the leaves, particularly between the veins, is usually a sign of a lack of iron, or some other critical micronutrient. This symptom can be a sign of several problems. There may simply be a lack of that essential nutrient. The soil pH may be too high, thus making the nutrient unavailable. The soil may have poor drainage, too much water, and a lack of oxygen. The roots may also be infected with a disease that inhibits uptake of the necessary micronutrients.


Tree DoctoRx has a great new quarterly program for treating tree and shrub areas that includes a naturally derived fertilizer with micronutrients, combined with humic acid that invigorates beneficial microorganisms and chelates micronutrients. The treatment we use also contains an effective soil penetrant that opens the soil to better water and air penetration. Please call us to schedule a diagnosis of your soil problems or to get started on our new program designed to increase the health and disease and insect resistance of your trees and shrubs. We can also do soil analysis if required to nail down the exact problem.