Nuisance Fruit

There are many trees that are beautiful and useful in the landscape that have a problem of nuisance fruit. The most common examples are Olives, Liquidambars, Flowering Pears and Flowering Purple-leaf Plums. The fruit from these trees can stain cars, walkways, carpets, and buildings. Sometimes, as in the case of Liquidambars, the fruit can also be dangerous because it creates a falling hazard. This fruit can be controlled in two ways on well established trees. You can spray your tree with  plant hormones during the blooming seasons. The timing of this application, and thorough coverage, is extremely important to obtain good control of the fruit that would otherwise have become a problem in the following late summer through winter. Some trees can also be sprayed with a plant growth regulator during the winter months to get excellent control. Both types of applications will need to be done annually for continued nuisance fruit control.

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