Wooly Aphids

Chinese Hackberry Wooly Aphids have become a problem in the last several years. There are few predatory or parasitic beneficial insects that will help you control this problem. It makes little difference how you maintain this tree – if you have one, you are likely to get a severe wooly aphid infestation. These pests will severely stress your tree during the summer months and make a terribly sticky mess out of anything beneath the tree. If you would like to benefit from the shade and beautiful form of your Chinese Hackberry, our recommendation is that you make an annual systemic insecticide application.  Because the application is a systemic injection, it does not harm beneficial insects because they do not suck juices from your tree. If natural predators and parasites ever begin to control this pest you can discontinue the annual treatments. Please contact us if you need any more information, or would like to find out about how to protect your trees from wooly aphids for a year with one application.